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  • Did Lee Tell Ewell To Halt on July 1 at Gettysburg?

    I’ve been spending a lot of time lately looking through old issues of the National Tribune, THE Union veterans’ paper after the Civil War.  My main goal is to find articles pertaining to the Siege of Petersburg, but I’ve found a lot of other fascinating things, and I’ve only reached early 1882.  The paper was […]

  • Blue & Gray, Spring 2006

    Blue & Gray, Spring 2006 Vol. 23, Issue 1 Blue & Gray Web Site Page 6 Into the Mouth of Hell: Farnsworth’s Charge Revisited by Andie Custer Licensed Battlefield Guide Andie Custer sets out to revise the commonly held views of Farnsworth’s Charge late on July 3, 1863, during the third day of the Battle […]