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  • Civil War Odds & Ends: April 18, 2009

    It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done an Odds & Ends post, so I’ll go over exactly what it is again here.  Civil War Odds & Ends posts are lists of interesting Civil War news stories I come across in my feed reader.  The idea is to provide TOCWOC’s readers with some interesting blog posts […]

  • Captured!

    In his seminal book Battle Tactics of the Civil War, author Paddy Griffith talks about the value of what he calls “tactical snippets”—excerpts from letters, reports, books, etc. that show something of the tactics in use at the time. Whereas he confined himself mainly to the line of battle, I prefer the skirmish line. Here’s […]

  • Civil War Talk Radio: September 28, 2007

    Air Date: 092807 Subject: The 1864 Overland Campaign: Grant vs. Lee Book: In the Footsteps of Grant and Lee: The Wilderness Through Cold Harbor & The Battle Of The Wilderness, May 5-6, 1864 & The Battles For Spotsylvania Court House And The Road To Yellow Tavern, May 7-12, 1864 & To the North Anna River: […]

  • An Explosive Proposition

    A gentleman on a discussion group I visited recently assured one and all that the Confederacy would never, nevah! use explosive bullets. Actually they did, on at least on one occasion. The Jacob’s rifle, mentioned previously, was capable of firing a bullet with an insert of fulminate of mercury, which would explode on impact up […]