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  • The Sacking of “Baldy” Smith: July 19, 1864

    Editor’s Note: This post was originally posted at The Siege of Petersburg Online and has been cross-posted here for the benefit of TOCWOC readers. *** July 19, 1864: William F. “Baldy” Smith is Relieved from Command of 18th Corps, AotJ Today marks the 150th anniversary of William F. “Baldy” Smith’s removal from command of the […]

  • Anniversary Post – Two Notes on Chancellorsville

    Bridging Problems Robert E. Lee’s skillful use of Virginia’s rivers made the Chancellorsville Campaign heavily dependent on the Union engineers. Any actions Hooker planned against The Army of Northern Virginia had to be proceeded by the crossing of the Rappahannock River. Because of their prominent role the engineers, like at Fredericksburg, drew the first criticism. […]

  • Experts Pick the Best Civil War Books on Shiloh (Pittsburg Landing)

    Editor’s Note: Today seemed to be an especially appropriate time to revisit and update the Top 7 Shiloh Books post I compiled back in 2009.  In that post, Shiloh students at the Shiloh Discussion Group ranked their top 7 Shiloh books, with a first place vote garnering 7 points and a 7th place vote briging […]

  • The New York Times on Fort Sumter

    The New York Times April 12, 1861 THE WAR IMMINENT.; Formal Demand for the Surrender of Fort Sumpter.  THE REFUSAL OF MAJ. ANDERSON.  The Bombardment Probably to Commence Immediately.  THE WAR FLEET OFF THE HARBOR.The Entire Government Forces Destined for Charleston. WARLIKE PREPARATIONS AT SAVANNAH.Departure of the Southern Commissioners from Washington. DISPATCH TO THE ASSOCIATED […]

  • The Civil War 150 Years Ago: March 1861

    The Civil War 150 Years Ago March 1861 On the second, the US Congress rejects comprise resolutions from the Peace Convention, ending attempts for a political comprise. The night of the third, President elect Lincoln dines with his new cabinet for the first time.  Earlier, Lincoln toured the Senate and General Scott told Seward that […]

  • The Civil War 150 Years Ago: February 1861

    150 years ago February 1861 Lincoln’s inauguration is a month away as President Buchannan struggles to contain secession.  Lincoln refuses to make a public speech on the question maintaining his position is clear. February starts badly, when Texas becomes the seventh state to secede on the first. Two days later, the Louisiana senators leave for […]

  • The Civil War 150 Years Ago: January 1861

    The Civil War 150 Years Ago January 1861 by James W. Durney America is on a slippery slope as the New Year starts.  Each day brings news of secession or states taking over Federal installations. During the first week of January, President Buchanan refuses to accept a letter from the South Carolina commissioners and orders […]