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  • Civil War Talk Radio: May 1, 2009

    Air Date: 050109 Subject: Popular Civil War Magazines Magazines: Civil War Times & America’s Civil War Guest: Dana Shoaf, Editor of America’s Civil War and Civil War Times Summary: Civil War Magazine Editor Dana Shoaf discusses his two popular Civil War Magazines, America’s Civil War and Civil War Times. Brett’s Summary: Dana Shoaf, editor of […]

  • Civil War Times, Volume 48, Number 3 (June 2009) Posted

    An index and summary of Civil War Times, Volume 48, Number 3 (June 2009) has been posted at the American Civil War Magazines and Journals Index. Did you enjoy this blog entry?  Please consider using the ShareThis feature below to spread the word and Subscribe to TOCWOC’s RSS feed today!

  • Catching Up On Civil War Magazine Back Issues

    Some of TOCWOC’s (and American Civil War Gaming and Reading’s) readers may remember my summaries of Civil War magazines.  I also have a site called the American Civil War Magazine and Journal Index, which will eventually hopefully hold summaries of many of the Civil War magazines produced since the 1960s.  I’ve fallen WAY behind over […]

  • Blue & Gray, Spring 2006

    Blue & Gray, Spring 2006 Vol. 23, Issue 1 Blue & Gray Web Site Page 6 Into the Mouth of Hell: Farnsworth’s Charge Revisited by Andie Custer Licensed Battlefield Guide Andie Custer sets out to revise the commonly held views of Farnsworth’s Charge late on July 3, 1863, during the third day of the Battle […]

  • Civil War Talk Radio: May 20, 2005

    Air Date: 052005 Subject: Keith Poulter: North and South Books: North & South Magazine Guest: Keith Poulter Summary: Join CWTR for a fascinating conversation with Keith Poulter, ex-British intelligence, former wargame designer, and the founder and publisher of North & South magazine. Brett’s Summary: Keith Poulter, editor of the excellent magazine North & South, spends […]