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  • Burnside Expedition Conclusion

    Combined Failure No further major operations were undertaken by Burnside as his expedition became inexorably linked to the success of the Peninsula Campaign. As early as April 2 the two campaigns became associated when McClellan wrote to Burnside; “…if I succeed in driving the enemy out of Richmond I will at once throw a strong […]

  • Burnside Expedition Part 7

    South Mills (Camden) – 19 April 1862 While the preparations for the siege of Fort Macon were being made another issue came to the attention of Burnside. It was believed that the Confederates were constructing ironclad ships at Norfolk with the intention of passing them down the Dismal Swamp Canal into Albemarle Sound. In an […]

  • Burnside Expedition Part 6

    Siege and Defeat of Fort Macon The movement of the artillery for the siege of the fort was a masterpiece of ingenuity and hard work. First the weight of the guns required the repair of the railroad bridge at Newport. The 5th RI Bn, under the command of Major John Wright, was detailed to this […]

  • Burnside Expedition Part 4

    New Berne 11-13 March 1862 With a foothold established on the mainland Burnside turned his attention to the next target on the list; New Bern. The military importance of the city was defined by the railroads that ran through it or nearby. The Atlantic and North Carolina passed through it connecting the coast to the […]

  • Burnside Expedition Part 3

    Winton – February 18-21, 1862 On February 16 Burnside called Colonel Rush Hawkins to his headquarters to issue orders for a “expedition up the Chowan” to destroy railroad bridges over the Blackwater and Nottoway Rivers. Burnside saw these spans as critical to the Confederate ability to move men and supplies into and out of the […]

  • Burnside Expedition Part 2

    The Battle of Roanoke Island At 0730 the 25th Massachusetts led the way out of the makeshift camp followed by the 23rd and 27th Massachusetts and the 10th Connecticut of the 1st Brigade. They marched north up the central road until they reached a water filled ravine in their path. As they were crossing the […]