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  • Campaign Antietam Screen Shots: Groveton and Second Bull Run

    Several weeks ago, I showed readers some South Mountain screen shots of HPS‘ newly released Campaign Antietam. As I explained there, despite being given the name “Campaign Antietam”, the game actually covers quite a few more battlefields, including First Bull Run (including Blackburn’s Ford, Henry Hill, and Matthews Hill), Second Bull Run (including Cedar Mountain, […]

  • Jackson At Brawner’s Farm: Mistake or Blessing In Disguise?

    Chapter Five of Joseph Harsh’s Confederate Tide Rising focuses on the strategic chess match between Robert E. Lee and John Pope from August 9 to August 26, 1862. In this chapter, Harsh repeatedly maintains that Lee never intended Jackson to bring on a major engagement after cutting Pope’s supply line at Bristoe Station. Instead, Harsh […]