Tag: Betsy Newmark

  • Ancestry.com Free Weekend

    Ancestry.com is honoring Veteran’s Day by having a free access weekend (Nov. 11-14), so here’s your chance to save some money (a TOCWOC specialty). You don’t even have to be a veteran (but you do have to give them your email address). Tarheel AP  history teacher Betsy Newmark takes a look at some of what’s […]

  • Whither the History (?) Channel

    Is a channel that spends more time on gangs, monsters, and prophecies really about history? Eric Wittenberg weighed in on the subject last year, and teacher Betsy Newmark is the latest to take aim with a hilarious but (but oh-so-true) graphic. It’s basically info that would appeal to a toddler boy playing with his toy […]