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  • The Siege of Petersburg on Bermuda Hundred

    Many people are familiar with the Bermuda Hundred Campaign of May 1864.  What fewer know is that the Bermuda Hundred front was “contested” throughout the entire Siege of Petersburg.  I placed the word contested in quotes because that front was not an area of focus in Grant’s major offensives against Richmond and Petersburg.  It was […]

  • Whiting’s Failure

    The actions of Confederate MG William H. C. Whiting at Fort Fisher painted this soldier as a true Southern patriot but it wasn’t always this way. He was also the author of one of the great Confederate military failures in the east. Gen. P.G.T Beauregard’s magnificent break out attack from the Drewry’s Bluff fortifications during […]

  • Dominating the Skirmish Line

    I see that Brett is offering a free copy of Earl Hess’s book on the rifle musket, so it might be a good time to revisit a controversy raised therein, namely did the ANV’s sharpshooter battalions punch above their weight in Virginia? I would say they did, and base this as much as anything on […]