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  • You Can See the One That Gets You!

    So they said during  the Late Unpleasantness, meaning that if you could see a cannon or Minié ball you were in trouble because it was probably the one that would take you out. So why would that be? Normally a projectile travels too fast for the eye to see, but if it’s headed straight at […]

  • 862dv: Strength of Confederate Artillery Right Wing Richmond Virginia Late June 1862

    Back to the George Nafziger American Civil War Order of Battle Collection  Strength of Confederate Artillery   Right Wing Richmond Virginia  Late June 1862 Carter’s Battery, King William Artillery (130) Nelson’s Battery, Hanover Artillery (86) Hardaway’s Battery, Jeff Davis Artillery (110) Clark’s Battery, Virginia Artillery (64) Peyton Battery, Orange Artillery (69) Huger’s Battery, […]

  • Rifles against artillery

    Bill Adams sent me an interesting graphic he scanned from a period book and has agreed to let me post it. Widely published and commented on the time, it shows the results of a test conducted at the British musketry school at Hythe in the mid-1850s. Thirty riflemen who did not know the distances involved […]

  • The Artillery Charge

    I have finished Earl Hess’s The Rifle Musket in the Civil War and will posting a review by and by, but before I do that I’d like to address one of his points, that of the role of the artillery. Hess and several other historians (e.g. Mark Grimsley, Gregg Biggs, etc.) have adopted the thesis […]