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  • Civil War Book Preview: Jefferson Davis’s Flight from Richmond by John Stewart

    Jefferson Davis’s Flight from Richmond: The Calm Morning, Lee’s Telegrams, the Evacuation, the Train, the Passengers, the Trip, the Arrival in Danville and the Historians’ Frauds by John Stewart TOCWOC’s Take: Despite the somewhat odd ending to the subtitle, this book appears to do what the author says it does, “examin[ing] all relevant source material—much of it newly […]

  • Confederate Controversy at Fort Gregg

    I’ve been reading through and transcribing articles from the pages of the Southern Historical Society Papers for The Siege of Petersburg Online recently, and one heated controversy early in the life of the Papers caught my attention: Which Confederate units defended Fort Gregg, the “Confederate Alamo”, in a last ditch defense on April 2, 1865 […]