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  • Varney v. Burnside, a brief for the defense

    As discussed earlier this month, I recently read General Grant and the Rewriting of History by Frank Varney.  Though it is marketed as a book about the impact of Ulysses Grant’s memoirs on the writing of history,  I found that it is mostly about reframing the Civil War career of General William Rosecrans. In doing […]

  • Burnside Expedition Part 5

    Battle of New Berne – Aftermath The collapse of the defense ay Fort Thompson left only implanted piles and the threat of torpedoes to prevent the advance of the Union fleet to New Berne. The barriers consisted of “a series of piling, driven securely into the bottom” and cut off just below the waterline, a […]

  • Best Books on the Civil War Battle of Fredericksburg: December 13, 1862

    Best Books on the Civil War Battle of Fredericksburg: December 13, 1862 While I typically create “best Civil War books on…” posts for the 150th anniversary of major (and sometimes not so major) battles, I usually come up with brand new things to say about them.  In this case I’ll mostly be letting my prior […]

  • National Firearms Museum

    One place I forgot to mention in my previous post was the National Firearms Museum, which is certainly worth a visit any time you’re in the DC area. Located with the National Rifle Association headquarters at Fairfax, VA, the museum features thousands of firearms of all types from all periods, including the Civil War. Featured […]

  • America’s Civil War, September 2006

    America’s Civil War Volume 19, Number 4 (September 2006) America’s Civil War Web Site Page 11 Eyewitness to War by Kevin M. Levin Captain John C. Winsmith, a South Carolinian serving with the 1st South Carolina Infantry, describes in a letter home the severe fighting in the Wilderness and at Spotsylvania Court House. Winsmith took […]