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  • Whose Father Was He?: Erroll Morris on The Mystery Soldier of Gettysburg

    TOCWOC Reader Joe Laird send me an email last week pointing out an excellent five part series of blog entries by filmmaker Erroll Morris at his blog Zoom on the New York Times web site.  Joe’s email reads as follows: Each day this week the New York Times ran a portion of a five-part essay […]

  • Civil War Talk Radio: September 2, 2005

    Air Date: 090205 Subject: Mark H. Dunkelman: Who Would Not Be a Soldier? Book: Brothers One and All: Esprit de Corps in a Civil War Regiment Guest: Mark H. Dunkelman Summary: Mark H. Dunkelman has spent a lifetime researching the story of the 154th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment. In Brothers One and All: Esprit […]