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  • MIT Press Journals Add Podcasts to the Reader Experience

    Johna Picco of MIT Press Journals passed along the interesting news that MIT Press Journals now has a new web site which will feature podcast discussions about some of the articles from MIT Press Journals.  The first podcast has a Civil War connection and covers David Naumac’s article “From Mashantucket to Appomattox: The Native American […]

  • Buck & Ball

    Most students of the Civil War are familiar with the term “buck & ball”—a load consisting of a single large ball and three buckshot fired from a .69 caliber smoothbore musket. Now it can be yours! Well, sort of. An Italian ammunition company now makes a 12 gauge shotshell for home defense that sports a […]

  • Google Settles Suit

    I use Google a lot, both for searches and for research on Civil War topics. Google book search is now an immense and impressive repository of 19th Century books, including a great many on military matters. I’ve found some very scarce regimentals as well as many books on rifles. The other big advantage of the […]