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  • No Guts, No Glory

    I took my US History I students on a field trip to the Minuteman National Park last Wednesday. Great day. My US History II kids, currently studying the Civil War, were left with my co-teacher, and we decided the show the movie, “Glory,” which I’m pretty sure that anyone reading this post has seen. I […]

  • It’s Showtime!

    I’m “doing” the battle of Gettysburg with my US History II today. I’ve passed out pictures of Lee, and the kids did a chart of the Eastern Theater battles. A good lesson, but I was little crestfallen when one of the students asked at the end of the lesson, “Lee was on our side, right?” […]

  • I Confuse My Students

    Lectured on John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry. They learned the name “John Brown” in connection with Bleeding Kansas last class. This class I passed out a photograph of Brown without identifying him and asked for their impressions. Brown looks fairly grim in all his photos and the responses were predictable. I revealed him as […]

  • Civil War Clip Art Source

    The Florida Educational Technology Clearinghouse has an extensive collection of out-of-copyright clipart, much of it from the 19th Century. Of interest to us is the Civil War section (there is also one on Reconstruction), which has a lot of period illustrations from sources like Frank Leslie’s. All are available in various resolutions to fit just […]

  • The New (new) Historians

    Reunions of old soldiers, such as the one I just attended in Gettysburg, invariably bring forth reflections on mortality. You see your old comrades in arms, once so young and strong, vainly fighting the last battle with a foe they have no hope of beating — father time. Civil War reunions were, I am sure, […]

  • Society for Military History call for papers

    The Society for Military History is calling for papers for their 2007 conference. Seems like a natural for the “new” historians. Fred Call for Papers Society for Military History 74th Annual Meeting Frederick, Maryland April 19-22, 2007 The Catoctin Center for Regional Studies located at Frederick Community College will host the 74th meeting of the […]