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  • Using Speech to Text Software to Transcribe Primary Sources?

    This post is really me taking an off the wall idea and bouncing it off of fellow Civil War buffs.  Over at The Siege of Petersburg Online, I’ve got tons of newspaper articles collected which are in PDF or image form.  My challenge is to get those items transcribed for use on my site, either […]

  • “Hunker Doon Boys!”: The 140th Pennsylvania at the Siege of Petersburg

    Last time I introduced a 1902 New Orleans newspaper series on the Donaldsonville LA Artillery at the Siege of Petersburg.  John Hennessy is again responsible for sending along a great newspaper series on a unit at the Siege of Petersburg, this time the 140th Pennsylvania, a Second Corps regiment which saw a lot of action, so […]

  • The Claims of the Negro (September 5, 1864 Richmond Examiner)

    As I was copying newspaper articles from the Richmond Examiner from September 1864 for my Siege of Petersburg site, I came across the following interesting article in the September 5, 1864 Richmond Examiner: The Claims of the Negro.–One Benjamin Ruff, claiming to be a member of the Sixth Virginia cavalry, was committed to the Castle […]

  • Civil War Era Newspapers from New York State FREE Online

    While searching for free downloadable Civil War Era newspapers to use at the Siege of Petersburg Online, I came across an eccentric but extremely useful site, Old Fulton NY Post Cards.  While the name may not immediately conjure up the term “extremely useful” to Civil War buffs, seeing is believing.  Thousands of old New York […]

  • Thomas Riley: Confederate Hero, Deserter, Or Both?

    Several weeks ago I received a long awaited package in the mail from the State Archives of North Carolina: two 35mm diazo microfilm reels containing every issue of the Raleigh (NC) Daily Confederate from 1864 and 1865.  My goal is to view and print off articles pertaining to the Siege of Petersburg, and from time […]

  • Confederate Veteran Magazine Available Online

    It looks like many volumes of Confederate Veteran are online in their entirety at the Internet Archives.  I periodically go back to both Google Books and the Internet Archive from time to time to see what has been newly posted, but I’ve been lax lately in that regard.  It looks like most of these were […]

  • Questions (and Some Answers) about Broadfoot’s Supplement to the Official Records

    I’ve long been interested in Broadfoot Publishing’s Supplement to the Official Records, first published in the 1990’s to rave reviews.  I’ve even managed to find a reasonably detailed index for the set.  This is a GREAT set from everything I’ve read about it.  The downside is that Broadfoot only published and sold this as a […]