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  • Quiner Scrapbooks at the Wisconsin Historical Society Online

    In my recent web wanderings searching for Siege of Petersburg material, I came across a fantastic resource on Wisconsin Civil War military units at the Wisconsin Historical Society web site.  The ten volume “Quiner Scarpbooks” contain letters from Wisconsin soldiers which were printed in newspapers during the war.  The Wisconsin Historical Society allows you to […]

  • “New” Thomas Clingman Official Report: Battle of Petersburg: June 16-18, 1864

    Every so often in my Siege of Petersburg research I run into something which might be a bit of a “find.”  I recently obtained page images of the 1873-1874 newspaper version of “Our Living and Our Dead,” a New Bern, North Carolina newspaper edited by Stephen D. Pool.  On page 2 of the March 18, […]

  • Sheridan’s Ride…The Other One

    Mention “Sheridan’s Ride” to a Civil War buff and they’ll inevitably think of Sheridan furiously riding the ten miles back to his retreating army at the Battle of Cedar Creek on October 19, 1864, rallying his army and saving the day.  It’s what I thought of when I ran across a poem entitled “Sheridan’s Ride” […]

  • Civil War Book Review: Yankee Dutchmen Under Fire

    Reinhart, Joseph R. Yankee Dutchmen Under Fire: Civil War Letters from the 82nd Illinois Infantry (The Kent State University Press, October 2013). 272 pages, 15 maps, 9 illustrations, notes, bibliographic essay, index. ISBN: 978-1-60635-176-5 $45.00 (Cloth). Note: Also available in Kindle format. How did German-American soldiers feel about the Civil War?  How did they see […]

  • The “Confederate Column” in the Richmond Times Dispatch: A Gold Mine of First Person Accounts

    Recently K. S. McPhail, who runs the excellent New Kent County History web site, has been sending me a ton of excellent first person accounts from post-war newspapers, many of which you’ll find on my Siege of Petersburg Postwar Newspaper accounts page.  The articles Mr. McPhail has been sending along are mostly from papers which […]

  • Wanted: Siege of Petersburg Newspaper Accounts

    One of the really cool things about being a Civil War blogger or web master is the camaraderie you find out out there from others who share your passion.  Since I started The Siege of Petersburg Online in August 2009, I’ve had many people contact me out of the blue with very interesting items which […]

  • Hagood’s SC Brigade at the Battle of Globe Tavern: Postwar Accounts of the Siege of Petersburg

    I wanted to take a moment to thank K. S. McPhail (New Kent County History) for sending along multiple postwar accounts of the Siege of Petersburg, including a lengthy reminiscence on the August 21, 1864 action at the Battle of Globe Tavern by Confederate veteran John H. Neil.  Neil was a member of the 7th […]