Category: Beyond the Crater: Petersburg Campaign Notes

  • Richmond Redeemed (2nd Edition): SmartLayers Edition

    Richard Sommers’ massive Richmond Redeemed, about the Fifth Offensive at the Siege of Petersburg, is getting a 2nd Edition courtesy of publisher Savas Beatie.  In addition to the print copy, a “SmartLayers” e-book edition is also getting produced.  Check out the YouTube video demonstration below as well as the Savas Beate press release: Savas Beatie […]

  • The Sacking of “Baldy” Smith: July 19, 1864

    Editor’s Note: This post was originally posted at The Siege of Petersburg Online and has been cross-posted here for the benefit of TOCWOC readers. *** July 19, 1864: William F. “Baldy” Smith is Relieved from Command of 18th Corps, AotJ Today marks the 150th anniversary of William F. “Baldy” Smith’s removal from command of the […]

  • Ed Bearss’ Petersburg Campaign Volume 2 Coming Soon…

    Savas Beatie has a trailer up at Youtube covering the second volume of Ed Bearss’ Petersburg Campaign, this time featuring battles from September 1864 to April 1865: The publisher also has an interview with the legendary battlefield guide up at their web site.  Keep an eye on The Siege of Petersburg Online’s bibliography page for […]

  • Regiments, Battalions, and Batteries, Oh My!

    Unit Pages for Third Offensive at the Siege of Petersburg Those of you who follow The Siege of Petersburg Online know that one of my current semi-near term goals is to work my way through Volumes XL, XLII, and XLVI of the Official Records for Northern units and through The Confederate Order of Battle, Volume 1: […]

  • Civil War Book Review: Fort Harrison and the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm

    Crenshaw, Douglas. Fort Harrison and the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm: To Surprise and Capture Richmond  (The History Press, 2013). 144 pages, over 40 illustrations, maps, notes, bibliography. ISBN: 978-1-61121-140-5 $19.99 (Paperback). Note: Also available in Kindle format. Fort Harrison and the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm: To Surprise and Capture Richmond is another in a growing […]

  • This Week at the Siege of Petersburg Online: January 18-24, 2014

    I thought now would be a good time to resurrect off and on posts about what I’ve got going on over at TOCWOC’s sister site The Siege of Petersburg Online.  Here are some of the posts from the last week plus which might be of interest to TOCWOC readers: NP: July 25, 1919 Adirondack Record […]

  • The Battle of Ft. Harrison: Richard S. Ewell’s Previously Unpublished Account

    Lt. General Richard S. Ewell is well-known among students of the early was battles, perhaps being most famous for his decision not to attack the Union position on Cemetery Hill on the evening of July 1, 1863 at Gettysburg.  Ewell’s performance at Gettysburg, in the Fall of 1863 and in the Overland Campaign caused General […]