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  • Review: Confederate Alamo by John Fox

    The Confederate Alamo: Bloodbath at Petersburg’s Fort Gregg on April 2, 1865 John Fox III, Angle Valley Press 2010, ISBN: 978-0-9711950-0-4 Price: $34.95 In his new book The Confederate Alamo John Fox takes a look at one of the least-known but most important battles of the Petersburg campaign—the defense of Fort Gregg and its associated […]

  • Dr. Tom Clemens to Serve as Tour Guide of Phase I of Antietam Campaign

    The Save Historic Antietam Foundtaion is putting on a tour of “Phase I” of the Antietam Campaign led by Dr. Tom Clemens, author of The Maryland Campaign of September, 1862, Volume I: South Mountain and Dennis Frye, National Park Service Historian at Harper’s Ferry.  This one-day tour will occur on July 31, 2010, covers the […]

  • Google Earth and Civil War Battlefields

    Poster “historicus” over at the History Channel forums recently had an extremely good idea.  He used Google Maps to take a look at Civil War battlefields.  Poster “Scotsman” gave readers a few sites he found after the suggestion was made: 39 28’15.06″ N 77 44’15.34″ W (Bloody Lane, Antietam) 39 47’29.89″ N 77 14’32.59″ W […]

  • Observations From Gettysburg

    My wife, son, and I visited Gettysburg this weekend. The weather was incredible both days, 75 and crystal clear. There were huge crowds in town, in the restaurants, on the battlefield, everywhere. There were license plates from Ohio, Jersey, Maryland, Florida, Iowa, even California. I thought it odd, though, that I saw very few blacks. I probably […]

  • Are Slavery and Emancipation the ONLY Things Worth Studying from the American Civil War?

    There have been quite a few mentions of the Gettysburg Visitor Center over the past few weeks in the Civil War blogosphere, and some of this has spilled over into the question of what type of interpretation should be seen at our Civil War battlefield visitor centers. John Hennessy, National Park Service Chief Historian at […]

  • Army Military History Materials On Line

    The US Army Center of Military History has a number of military history materials available on line, including sections on wars ranging from the Revolutionary War to the Global War on Terror. TOCWOC readers will want to look at the Civil War section, which has a number of the excellent Army “Staff Ride” guides used […]

  • New Civil War Blog

    I was making the round of the Civil War blogosphere this evening when I stumbled on Brian Downey’s mention of Steven Mynes’ new Civil War blog Civil War Battles and Battlefields. Steven says, “I have been studying the Civil War and touring battlefields for over 20 years” in the About Me section of his new […]