GMT Games Announces a New GBACW Game on Murfreesboro (Stones River)

I received an interesting email from GMT Games last weekend offering a new game called Dead of Winter (DoW) in their “P500” program. Dead of Winter covers the late 1862 (and early 1863) battle of Murfreesboro (or Stones River). Designed by Dave Powell with an assist from Richard Berg, DoW is the newest game in the Great Battles of the American Civil War (GBACW) series. The details are as follows:



  • 1,120 full-color, die-cut counters.
  • Four 22×34″ full-color mapsheets
  • Two 10-sided dice (one blue/one gray)
  • Rule Book
  • Battle Book
  • Player Aid Cards
  • Regular Price: $79.00
    P500 Price: $55.00

    I wanted to point out that the game is not immediately available for sale in the strictest sense. The P500 program allows you to indicate your interest in a title, and after 500 copies are ordered (sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the subject matter), the game will go into final production. People who pre-order in this way are only charged when the game ships. Note the nice discount given to wargamers who get in early.

    I’ve added the game to my dedicated GMT Games page as well.


    2 responses to “GMT Games Announces a New GBACW Game on Murfreesboro (Stones River)”

    1. Stephen Graham Avatar
      Stephen Graham

      It’s not precisely a new game; Berg released an earlier version of Dead of Winter in 1989 from his SDI imprint. It is an extensive revision, however.

    2. Brett Schulte Avatar


      Thanks for the clarification. I was unaware of the earlier version.