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Military History & Wargames

American Civil War Cartography Office:

Our sister site, specializing in user-created Talonsoft BG scenarios. Also contains the comprehensive list of all ACW scenarios available to members of the ACGWC.

HPS Simulations:

Quite simply, the reason my ACW Campaign Games design Center webpage exists. HPS is one of the most prolific computer wargames publishers I have ever run across.

Unofficial HPS American Civil War Discussion Board:

Rich Hamilton's Unofficial HPS American Civil War Discussion Board for the HPS series of Civil War Games.

Rolf Hall's ACW Campaign Games:

Rolf Hall's site is dedicated to Corinth add-ons. These include maps, scenarios, and graphics.

Rich Hamilton's Scenario Design Center:

The SDC provides user made scenarios and utilities for all of the John Tiller games from HPS and Talonsoft.

The Unofficial Panzer Campaigns Home Page:

Glenn Saunders' page dedicated to all things Panzer Campaigns.

The American Civil War Gaming Club:

The ACWGC is a PBEM club dedicated to John Tiller's Talonsoft and HPS Civil War computer games.

The Napoleonic Wargaming Club:

The NWC is another sister club of the ACWGC concentrating on -you guessed it- JT's Talonsoft and HPS Nappy games.

The Colonial Campaign Club:

The CCC is a PBEM club dedicated to John Tiller's HPS Early American Wars series. Games so far include Campaign 1776 and War of 1812, and I've heard that there may be more to come.

The Panzer Campaign Club:

The PCC is a PBEM club dedicated to John Tiller's HPS Panzer Campaigns and WW2 Squad Battles computer games.

Ned Simm's Link Express:

Ned is a member of the ACWGC and provides its members with the most important and useful sites they will need for help with club business and strategy.


Baseball & The St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals Forum at Fanhome:

This is the most knowledgeable group of fans like you or me I've seen who talk about Cardinals baseball.

Cardinals' News at the ST. Louis Post-Dispatch:

The Sports section for the only newspaper in town.

Redbird Nation Cardinals Weblog:

Brian Gunn runs this unbelievably excellent weblog concentrating on my beloved Cardinals. If half the dumb*ssed sportswriters (cough...Phil Rogers...cough) who hate the Cardinals for some reason would read Brian's site, I wouldn't have to write emails to these guys pointing out obvious inaccuracies and flaws in their reasoning.

St. Louis Cardinals Official Site:

This is the Cardinals official site at

The Cardinals' Birdhouse:

Ray Mileur and Brian Walton run this Cards' fansite, and it is very well done.

Baseball Prospectus:

Baseball Prospectus is a collection of statheads who love to try to quantify nearly everything quantifiable in the game of baseball. These guys seem to have an anti-Tony LaRussa (and hence anti-Cardinals) stance, but I enjoy reading their annual preview book and also some of the things at their website.


The Baseball-Reference website gives fans an easily accessible place online to look up stats from years past.

Society For American Baseball research:

What a cool group. If I weren't so interested in so many other things, I'd have a membership in this group. Their mission statement is to foster the study of baseball, past, present, and future.


Retrosheet was founded in 1989 for the purpose of computerizing play-by-play accounts of as many pre-1984 major league games as possible.

Diamond Mind Baseball:

Diamond Mind Baseball is a text-based ultra-realistic simulation of each season of baseball. I give them credit as the only major forecaster to predict the Cardinals would finish first in 2004.




The Horror Channel:

The Horror Channel is a new cable and satellite channel looking to broadcast horror movies and shows 24/7. Check out their impressive forums.


Horrorfind is a website dedicated to providing links to all websites which are horror-related. Also make sure to check out their forums.

Upcoming Horror Movies:

UHM is a great site with news on horror movies slated to come out in the next few years. It also contains many reviews of recent horror films. Be sure to check out their forums as well.

HorrorDVDs: reviews not just horror movies, but the extras and quality of Horror DVDs. Make sure you also check out their forums.

Cemetery Dance:

Cemetery Dance Publications is Richard Chizmar's horror publishing company. In addition to their excellent horror magazine called (oddly enough) Cemetery Dance, CD publishes many horror novels.

The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft:

This website contains all of Lovecraft's stories online.

The Work of Edgar Allan Poe:

This website contains most (all?) of Poe's short stories, novellas, and poems.

The official Tom Savini Homepage:

This is the official website of Tom Savini. Savini is a makeup and special effects master of the horror genre and also has directed such things as Night of the Living Dead (1990) and Tom Savini's Chill Factor.


This website has an episode guide for Joss Whedon's excellent TV Series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

X-Files Episode Guide:

From comes an episode guide for my favorite TV Series of all time: The X-Files.


Horror-Wood is a webzine dedicated to classic monsters and classic monster movies. Renfield and company never fail to intrigue me each month with new articles and commentary.

Rod Serling's Night Gallery: A Shadowy Museum of the Outre:

This site is dedicated to all things Night Gallery, Rod Serling's horror counterpart to his more famous Twilight Zone.


Amazon offers not only books but many other items such as DVDs, Computer games and accesories, and clothes.


Alibris offers a wide range of used books.

Alibris 190x112


ABEBooks is similar to Alibris in that they sell used books.

The Camp Pope Bookshop

Camp Pope Bookshop is a small Civil War bookseller focusing on the Trans-Mississippi theater of the Civil War.

Camp Pope Bookshop