Brett's Regimental Level OOBs

Updated 12/10/06

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This site has been constructed with the Scenario Designer in mind. I am trying to compile as many OOBs of ACW Battles as possible, including Regimental Level strengths where possible and hopefully at least providing Brigade Level Strengths. I have asked permission from the publisher for each of the OOBs reproduced below. If you have found a possible mistake, please e-mail me at .

NOTE: If anyone reading this knows of other OOBs with regimental strengths listed and would like to help by copying these into an Excel spreadsheet in the format seen in the OOBs below, I would be willing to contact the publisher and make sure it is okay to display them. If anyone does help, they would be given full credit and their name would be prominently displayed on whatever OOBs they did.


Shiloh New 2/01/06
The Seven Days Updated 9/19/06
Second Bull Run New 11/24/05
Fredericksburg New 05/31/04


Gettysburg Updated 02/08/04


The Wilderness
Petersburg Updated 1/14/06


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