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  • Dark Command: John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and the Butchering of Civil War History

    Dark Command, a John Wayne and Claire Trevor vehicle, is loosely based on the Civil War career of William Clarke Quantrill, the Confederate guerrilla operating mostly in Missouri and Kansas during the Civil War. When I write loosely, I should probably capitalize, bold, and underline that word. While the movie is entertaining if you like […]

  • Ride With The Devil

    Ride With The Devil Actors/Actresses Tobey Maguire….Jake Roedel Skeet Ulrich….Jack Bull Chiles James Caviezel….Black John Jonathan Rhys Meyers….Pitt Mackeson Simon Baker….George Clyde Jeffrey Wright….Daniel Holt Jewel Kilcher….Sue Lee Shelley Brett’s Movie Collection IMDB Rating as of 7/25/06: 6.5 My Rating: 8 I was watching an episode of Deadwood (a GREAT show by the way, if […]