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  • Civil War Book Preview: Morgan’s Cavalry 1861-1862 by Lanny K. Smith

    Lanny K. Smith, the author of two massive self-published small print run volumes on the Battle of Stones’ River (Murfreesboro), one volume for the Union and one for the Confederates, has produced another Civil War book along the same lines.  This one, titled Morgan’s Cavalry 1861-1862, follows the raids of John Hunt Morgan’s Confederate Cavalry.  […]

  • Recent Book Acquisitions: June 2008

    I’ve wanted to reintroduce this type of post ever since I started blogging regularly again. I am currently in the middle of reading Phillip E. Myers’ Caution and Cooperation: The American Civil War in British-American Relations. Myers argues against the previously common supposition that intervention by European powers Britain and France was possible and even […]