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  • Short Takes

    Footnote.com has added the Compiled Service Records of Union soldiers from Kentucky. Additional Union records for the following: * Civil War Soldiers – Union – AR * Civil War Soldiers – Union – Colored Troops 8th-13th Infantry * Civil War Soldiers – Union – MS * Civil War Soldiers – Union – UT * Civil […]

  • Google Settles Suit

    I use Google a lot, both for searches and for research on Civil War topics. Google book search is now an immense and impressive repository of 19th Century books, including a great many on military matters. I’ve found some very scarce regimentals as well as many books on rifles. The other big advantage of the […]

  • It’s Amazing What You Find When You Google Yourself

    From time to time I’ll Google my full name (first and last) to see what sort of interesting items turn up. Imagine my surprise when I learned I had been mentioned in a published book HERE. Will Kaufman’s The Civil War in American Culture mentions me in reference to my work as a Civil War […]