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  • Infantry Hand Weapon Study Available

    Earlier this year I posted some excerpts from an Army study (once classified Secret) from the early sixties, “Operational Requirements for an Infantry Hand Weapon,” which was instrumental in the military’s decision to adopt the smaller caliber M-16 rifle. Other militaries did essentially the same study and came to the same conclusions, adopting reduced power […]

  • Short Takes

    Bryn at 67th Tigers has posted some trajectories based on calculations of the ballistic coefficient of a Burton Minie ball. More realistic than the ones usually used from Jack Coggins’ book (and Coggins was using them for illustration only). The figures confirm something that Joe Bilby has been saying for some time—that using a “center […]

  • More on Battle Ranges II

    I’ve done several posts on battle ranges and how and why they differ in various wars. Other bloggers have also addressed the subject either directly or indirectly. One is Sven Ortmann, a German blogger who specializes in international defence issues. In a recent post on Battlefield Visual Images he quotes and Israeli soldier on ranges: […]