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Number 3 (September 1980)

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Civil War History, Volume 26, Number 3 (September 1980)
Civil War History, Volume 26, Number 3 (September 1980)

92 Pages

Page 197
Gettysburg: The Meade-Sickles Controversy
by Richard A. Sauers

Page 218
Political Conflict Within the Southern Consensus: Harrison County, Texas 1850-1880
by Randolph B. Campbell

Page 240
The Federals’ Cold Shoulder to Arkansas’ Powell Clayton
by Howard C. Westwood

Page 256
More Than Slaves, Less Than Freedmen: The “Share Wages” Labor System During Reconstruction
by John David Smith

Page 267
Remembering T. Harry Williams
by Joseph G. Dawson III

Page 270
Bell Irvin Wiley, 1906-1980
by Richard M. McMurry

Page 273
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