Category: Western Civilization

  • TOCWOC’s After Action Report Contest for Civil War War Games, March-April 2008

    As promised, TOCWOC will be holding an After Action Report Contest for Civil War wargamers. The winner will receive a FREE copy of HPS Simulations’ Campaign Chickamauga. Details are on the dedicated contest web page!

  • Matrix Games Says Forge of Freedom is Close…

    Gil R., one of the minds behind Matrix Games’ new Civil War computer game Forge of Freedom, had this to say late this week on the Matrix Games Forums: Its release is going to be in the very near future. Right now, all programming is done, except for one pesky issue that Eric is working […]

  • Gamezone Interview with Forge of Freedom Game Developer

    Eric Babe, the lead developer of the new Civil War strategic level game Forge of Freedom, was recently interviewed by Gamezone. Check out the full interview at: This one is looking better and better…

  • More Forge of Freedom News

    Forge of Freedom, the new grand strategy Civil War game from Matrix Games, continues to show up in wargaming news. It’s due out “later this summer”. First, check out this news release at the Wargamer: Matrix Games and Western Civilization Software have announced a few details and a tentative release time for a new American […]

  • Matrix Games Planning Four Civil War Titles

    I somehow missed this thread at Matrix Games discussing their upcoming Civil War output. Here is the latest list of games Civil War gamers should expect to see from Matrix in the near future, courtesy of Erik Rutins of the Matrix staff: 1. Forge Of Freedom from Western Civilization Software (Grand Strategy, based on a […]