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  • Ron Chernow on on U.S. Grant

    Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer Ron Chernow discusses his biography on Ulysses S. Grant, with a focus on the 18th president’s final years and the writing of his memoirs. Saw part of this the other night and it’s worth watching to learn more about Grant.    

  • Cedar Creek Goes On In Spite of Threats

    If you haven’t been to the Cedar Creek re-enactment I recommend you go. It’s one of the largest, maybe the largest re-enactment of the year, and at least on the occasions I’ve been there it’s been very well conducted. This year was different, however. In normal years, taps would be played and each side would […]

  • Col. Harry Maury post updated

    I have updated a post on one of the Confederacy’s most colorful leaders, Col. Harry Maury, which now includes a photograph and info on his burial site.

  • Paul Hutton on CSPAN

    If you have a chance do watch historian Paul Hutton on CSPAN deliver the keynote address for the conference at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming. Hutton is an exceptionally entertaining, witty, and knowledgeable speaker about the Old West. He touches on the Civil War and Bill Cody’s service in it, […]

  • Looking for Major Blackford

    Eugene Blackford is a fascinating character and it’s easy to get drawn into his life. I’m currently publishing his wartime letters, but I’m not the only one who’s interested in him. Here’s someone else, Jared Fuoss, who followed him also, with an emphasis on Gettysburg where he is a seasonal ranger. Studying at Gettysburg College […]

  • Even Shorter Takes

    Indiana University Press is having a sale, which includes their Civil War books. Definitely worth a look. We’ve heard a lot about removing statues and even references to American slave owners. Apparently even figures like Sam Houston are under the gun, even though Houston opposed secession and refused to have anything to do with the […]

  • Another Look At Timothy Murphy

    If you are familiar with the Revolutionary War and especially the battle of Saratoga you’ve probably heard of Timothy Murphy. According the story, Murphy, one of Daniel Morgan’s riflemen, shot British general Simon Frazier off his horse with a double-barreled rifle at a distance of 300 yards, thereby winning the battle and perhaps even saving […]