Whitworth Rifles and Kerr Revolvers

by Fred Ray on October 15, 2017 · 1 comment

Ian at Forgotten Weapons has two recent looks at Civil War weapons. The first is at the fabled Whitworth rifle, used to telling effect by Confederate sharpshooters. This particular rifle actually has a Confederate provenance and a telescopic sight.

Confederate Whitworth Sniper: Sub-MOA Hexagonal Bullets in 1860

One of the commenters recommends a book, The Story of the Guns, a contemporary look at Whitworth’s efforts to design it. For more information on Sir Joseph see my article written a few years ago for a Civil War magazine.

At the other end of the arms spectrum is the Kerr revolver, designed by James Kerr and manufactured by his firm, the London Armoury Company.

Kerr Revolvers: An English Source for Confederate Arms

As always, if you’re unable to get these to play, they are also available on Youtube.

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