Protecting Streets in Brooklyn, Shooting Cap & Ball Pistols

by Fred Ray on August 8, 2017 · 0 comments

The latest outrage is that are streets in Brooklyn, NY, named for Confederate generals. Actually they are on a small Army post there, Fort Hamilton. A local politico says “These monuments are deeply offensive to the hundreds of thousands of Brooklyn residents and members of the armed forces stationed at Fort Hamilton whose ancestors Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson fought to hold in slavery.” Somehow I don’t think many people there know or care about it.

Surprisingly, the Army has rebuffed this demand, at least for now. An Army official replied “This is contrary to the nation’s original intent in naming these streets, which was the spirit of reconciliation.” Now that’s something we don’t hear much about these days—national reconciliation. Let’s hope they continue to stand their ground.

Meanwhile, our old friend Cap and Ball is shooting two of the iconic revolvers of the Civil War—the Remington and Colt Army. The video is excellent, as usual, and shows how soldier used paper cartridges with conical bullets to speed up the reloading process, which can be rather tedious with a powder flask.


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