862fj: Confederate Army of Northern Virginia Battle of Antietam 17 September 1862

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              Confederate Army of Northern Virginia
                       Battle of Antietam 
                        17 September 1862 

Commanding General: General Robert E.Lee

Longstreet's Corps: Major General James Longstreet
     McLaw's Division: Major General L. McLaw
          Kershaw's Brigade: Brigadier General J.B.Kershaw
               2nd South Carolina Regiment
               3rd South Carolina Regiment
               7th South Carolina Regiment
               8th South Carolina Regiment
          Cobb's Brigade: Brigadier General H. Cobb
               16th Georgia Regiment
               24th Georgia Regiment
               15th North Carolina Regiment
          Semme's Brigade: 
               10th Georgia Regiment
               53rd Georgia Regiment
               15th Virginia Regiment
          Barksdale's Brigade: 
               13th Mississippi Regiment
               17th Mississippi Regiment
               18th Mississippi Regiment
               21st Mississippi Regiment
          Artillery: Colonel H.C.Cabell
               Manley's (North Carolina) Battery
               Pulaski (Georgia) Battery
               Richmond (Fayette) Artillery
               Troup (Georgia) Artillery 
               1st Company, Richmond Howitzers
     Anderson's Division: Major General Richard H.Anderson 
               (mortally wounded 9/17)
          Wilcox's Brigade: Colonel A. Cumming
               8th Alabama Regiment
               9th Alabama Regiment
               10th Alabama Regiment
               11th Alabama Regiment
          Mahone's Brigade: Colonel W.A.Parkham
               6th Virginia Regiment
               12th Virginia Regiment
               16th Virginia Regiment
               41st Virginia Regiment
               61st Virginia Regiment
          Featherstone's Brigade: Colonel C.Posey
               12th Mississippi Regiment
               16th Mississippi Regiment
               19th Mississippi Regiment
               2nd Mississippi Battalion
          Armistead's Brigade: Brigadier General L.A.Armistead
               9th Virginia Regiment
               14th Virginia Regiment
               38th Virginia Regiment
               53rd Virginia Regiment
               57th Virginia Regiment               
          Pryor's Brigade: Brigadier General R.A.Pryor
               14th Alabama Regiment
               2nd Florida Regiment
               9th Florida Regiment
               3rd Virginia Regiment
               5th Florida Regiment
          Wright's Brigade: Brigadier General A.R. Wright
               44th Alabama Regiment
               3rd Georgia Regiment
               22nd Georgia Regiment
               48th Georgia Regiment
          Artillery: Captain C.F.Grimes
               Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Artillery, Maurin's Battery 
               Huger's (Virginia) Battery  
               Moorman's (Virginia) Battery 
               Thompson's (Grime's) (Virginia) Battery 
     Jones' Division: Brigadier General D.R.Jones
          Thoomb's Brigade: Brigadier General R.Toombs
               2nd Georgia Regiment               
               15th Georgia Regiment
               17th Georgia Regiment
               20th Georgia Regiment
          Drayton's Brigade: Brigadier General T.F.Drayton
               50th Georgia Regiment
               51st Georgia Regiment
               15th South Carolina Regiment
               3rd South Carolina Battalion
          Pickett's Brigade: Brigadier General R.B.Garnett
               8th Virginia Regiment
               18th Virginia Regiment
               19th Virginia Regiment
               28th Virginia Regiment
               56th Virginia Regiment
          Kemper's Brigade: Brigadier General J.L.Kemper
               1st Virginia Regiment
               7th Virginia Regiment
               11th Virginia Regiment
               17th Virginia Regiment
               24th Virginia Regiment
          Jenkins's Brigade: Colonel J. Walker
               1st South Carolina (Volunteers) Regiment
               2nd South Carolina Regiment
               5th South Carolina Regiment
               6th South Carolina Regiment
               4th South Carolina Battalion
               Palmetto (South Carolina) Sharpshooters 
          Anderson's Brigade: Colonel G.T.Anderson
               1st Georgia (Regulars) Regiment
               7th Georgia Regiment
               8th Georgia Regiment
               9th Georgia Regiment
               11th Georgia Regiment
               Wise (Virginia) Artillery (J.S.Brown's Battery
     Walker's Division: Brigadier General J.G.Walker
          Walker's Brigade: Colonel V.H.Manning
               3rd Arkansas Regiment
               27th North Carolina Regiment
               46th North Carolina Regiment
               48th North Carolina Regiment
               30th Virginia Regiment
               French's (Virginia) Battery
          Ransom's Brigade: Brigadier General R.Ransom Jr.
               24th North Carolina Regiment
               25th North Carolina Regiment
               35th North Carolina Regiment
               49th North Carolina Regiment
               Branch's Field Artillery (Virginia)
     Hood's Division: Brigadier J.B.Hood
          Hood's Brigade: Colonel W.T.Wofford
               18th Georgia Regiment
               1st Texas Regiment
               4th Texas Regiment
               5th Texas Regiment
               Hampton (South Carolina) Legion 
          Law's Brigade: Colonel E.M.Law
               4th Arkansas Regiment               
               2nd Mississippi Regiment
               11th  Mississippi Regiment
               6th North Carolina Regiment
          Artillery: Major B.W.Frobel
               German Artillery (South Carolina)
               Palmetto Artillery (South Carolina)
               Rowan Artillery (North Carolina)
     Evans' Independent Brigade: Brigadier General N.G.Evans
               17th South Carolina Regiment
               18th South Carolina Regiment
               22nd South Carolina Regiment
               23rd South Carolina Regiment
     Washington (Louisiana) Artillery: Colonel J.B.Walton
               1st Company
               2nd Company
               3rd Company
               4th Company
     Lee's Battalion: Colonel S.D.Lee
               Ashland (Virginia) Artillery
               Bedford (Virginia) Artillery
               Eubanks' (Virginia) Artillery
               Parker's (Virginia) Artillery
               Brooks (South Carolina) Artillery
               Madison (Louisiana) Artillery
Jackson's Corps: Major General T.J.Jackson
     Ewell's Division: Brigadier General A.R.Lawton
 (wounded 9/17) Brigadier General Jubal A. Early
          Lawton's Brigade: Colonel M.Douglas (killed 9/17)
               13th Georgia Regiment
               26th Georgia Regiment
               31st Georgia Regiment
               38th Georgia Regiment
               60th Georgia Regiment
               61st Georgia Regiment    
          Early's Brigade: Brigadier General Jubal E. Early
               13th Virginia Regiment
               25th Virginia Regiment
               31st Virginia Regiment
               44th Virginia Regiment
               49th Virginia Regiment
               52nd Virginia Regiment
               58th Virginia Regiment
          Trimble's Brigade: Colonel J.A.Walker
               15th Alabama Regiment
               12th Georgia Regiment
               21st Georgia Regiment
               21st North Carolina Regiment
               1st North Carolina Battalion
          Hays's Brigade: Colonel H.B.Strong
               5th Louisiana Regiment
               6th Louisiana Regiment
               7th Louisiana Regiment
               8th Louisiana Regiment
               14th Louisiana Regiment  
          Artillery: Major A.R.Courtney
               Johnson's (Virginia) Battery 
               Louisiana Guard Battery 
               1st Maryland Battery (Demet's Battery)
               Stauton (Virginia) Battery (Balthis' Battery)*
               Courtney (Virginia) Battery (Latimer's Battery)*
               Chesapeake (Maryland) Artillery (Brown's Battery)* 
                    *At Harper's Ferry
     Hill's Light Division: Major General A.P.Hill
          Branch's Brigade: Brigadier General L.O.Branch 
                    (killed 9/17)
               7th North Carolina Regiment
               18th North Carolina Regiment
               28th North Carolina Regiment
               33rd North Carolina Regiment
               37th North Carolina Regiment
          Gregg's Brigade: Brigadier General M.Greg
               1st South Carolina Regiment
               12th South Carolina Regiment
               13th South Carolina Regiment
               14th South Carolina Regiment
          Field's Brigade: Colonel J.M.Brockenbrough
               40th Virginia Regiment
               47th Virginia Regiment
               55th Virginia Regiment
               22nd Virginia Battalion
          Archer's Brigade: Brigadier General J.J.Archer
               19th Georgia Regiment
               1st Tennessee Regiment
               7th Tennessee Regiment
               14th Tennessee Regiment
               5th Alabama Battalion
          Pender's Brigade: Brigadier General W.D.Pender
               16th North Carolina Regiment
               22nd North Carolina Regiment
               34th North Carolina Regiment
               38th North Carolina Regiment
          Thomas' Brigade: Colonel E.L.Thomas
               14th Georgia Regiment
               35th Georgia Regiment
               45th Georgia Regiment
               49th Georgia Regiment
          Artillery: Major R.L.Walker
               Crenshaw's (Virginia) Battery
               Fredericksburg (Virginia) Battery (Braxton's Battery)
               Purcell (Virginia) Battery (Pegram's Battery)
               Letcher (Virginia) Battery (Davidson's  Battery)
                    (retained at Harper's Ferry)
               Pee Dee (South Carolina) Battery (McIntosh's  Battery)
     Jackson's Division Brigadier General J.R.Jones
          Winder's Brigade: Colonel A.J.Grigsby
               2nd Virginia Regiment
               4th Virginia Regiment
               5th Virginia Regiment
               27th Virginia Regiment
               33rd Virginia Regiment
          Taliaferro's Brigade: Colonel E.T.H.Warren
               47th Alabama Regiment
               48th Alabama Regiment
               10th Virginia Regiment
               37th Virginia Regiment
          Jones's Brigade: Colonel B.T.Johnson
               21st Virginia Regiment
               42nd Virginia Regiment
               48th Virginia Regiment
               1st Virginia Battalion
          Starke's Brigade: Brigadier General W.E.Starke 
                    (Killed 9/17)
               1st Louisiana Regiment
               2nd Louisiana Regiment
               9th Louisiana Regiment
               10th Louisiana Regiment
               15th Louisiana Regiment
               1st Louisiana Battalion
          Artillery: Major L.M.Schumaker
               Allegheny (Virginia) Battery (Carpenter's Battery)
               Danville (Virginia) Battery (Wooding's  Battery)
               Lee (Virginia) Battery (Raine's  Battery)
               Rockbridge (Virginia) Battery (Poague's  Battery)
               Hampden (Virginia) Battery (Caskie's  Battery)
               Brockenbrough's (Maryland) Battery 
     Hill's Division: Major General Daniel H. Hill
          Ripley's Brigade: Brigadier General R.S.Ripley
               4th Georgia Regiment
               44th Georgia Regiment
               1st North Carolina Regiment
               3rd North Carolina Regiment
          Rode's Brigade: Brigadier General R.E.Rodes
               3rd Alabama Regiment
               5th Alabama Regiment
               6th Alabama Regiment
               12th Alabama Regiment
               26th Alabama Regiment
          Garland's Brigade: Brigadier General S.Garland 
                    (Killed 9/17)
               5th North Carolina Regiment
               12th North Carolina Regiment
               13th North Carolina Regiment
               20th North Carolina Regiment
               23rd North Carolina Regiment               
           Anderson's Brigade: Brigadier General G.B.Anderson
                    (Killed 9/17)
               2nd North Carolina Regiment
               4th North Carolina Regiment
               14th North Carolina Regiment
               30th North Carolina Regiment
          Colquitt's Brigade: Brigadier General A.H.Cloquitt
               13th Alabama Regiment
               6th Georgia Regiment
               23rd Georgia Regiment
               27th Georgia Regiment
               28th Georgia Regiment
               Hardaway's Alabama Battery
               Jeff Davis (Alabama) Battery
               Jones's (Virginia) Battery
               King William (Virginia) Battery          
Reserve Artillery: Brigadier General W.N. Pendleton
     Cutts' Battalion: Lt. Colonel A.S.Cutts
               Blackshear's (Georgia) Battery          
               Irwin (Georgia) Battery (Lane's Battery)
               Patterson's (Georgia) Battery 
               Ross's (Georgia) Battery 
               Lloyd's (North Carolina) Battery 
     Jones's Battalion: Major H.P.Jones
               Morris (Virginia) Battery 
               Orange (Virginia) Battery (Peyton's Battery)
               Turner's (Virginia) Battery 
               Wimbish's (Virginia) Battery 
     Brown's Battalion (1st Virginia Artillery): 
                    Colonel J.T.Brown
               Powhatan Artillery (Dande's Battery)
               2nd Company Richmond Artillery
               3rd Company Richmond Artillery
               Salem Artillery (Hupp's Battery)
               Williamsburg Artillery (Coke's Battery)
     Nelson's Battalion: Major W. Nelson
               Amherst (Virginia) Artillery (Kirkpatrick's Battery)
               Fluvanna (Virginia) Artillery (Ancell's Battery)
               Huckstep's (Virginia) Artillery 
               Johnson's (Virginia) Artillery
               Milledge (Georgia) Artillery 
               Cutshaw's (Virginia)  Artillery 
               Dixie (Virginia)  Artillery  (Chapman's Battery)
               Rice's (Virginia)  Artillery 
               Magruder Artillery 
Cavalry: Major General J.E.B.Stuart
     Hampton's Brigade: Brigadier General W. Hampton
               1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
               2nd North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
               Cobb's (Georgia) Legion
               10th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
               Jeff Davis Legion (Mississippi)
     Lee's Brigade: Brigadier General F.Lee
               1st Virginia Cavalry Regiment
               3rd Virginia Cavalry Regiment
               4th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
               5th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
               9th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
     Robertson's Brigade: Brigadier General B.H.Robertson
                              Colonel T.T.Munford
               2nd Virginia Cavalry Regiment
               6th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
               7th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
               12th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
               17th Virginia Cavalry Battalion
     Horse Artillery: Captain J. Pelham
               Chew's (Virginia) Battery
               Pelham's (Virginia) Battery
               Hart's South Carolina Battery

Murfin,  J.V.,  The Gleam of Bayonets, The Battle 
of Antietam and the Maryland Campaign of 1862

Source: George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection

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charles sears June 30, 2010 at 1:18 am

Hey, love the website but just wanted to point out a minor error in OOB for AofNV at Sharpsburg, in Pryors Brigade it was the 2nd, 5th, and 8th Florida. You have the 2nd, 5th, and 9th. Believe the 9th wasnt even organized till 1864? Thanks for your time, please keep up the good work! Charles


John Easom November 13, 2012 at 6:46 pm

I can find lots of good OOB for the Maryland campaign and (inevitably) they focus on the battle of 17th September 1862 and from that we can infer commands at the South Mountain fights. The siege of Harper’s Ferry was also integral to that campaign and it is quite easy to find out the Confederate forces that conducted the siege. However, I can’t find anywhere an OOB of the Union troops captured. It was a very substantial force (the largest capture of US troops to occur until World War II). But who were they? Such a large force was commanded by only a Colonel Dixon S Miles. One would have expoected such a force to be udner at least a Brigadier-General and maybe even a Major-General. I have read that Brig-Gen Julius White arrived with his command from Martinsburg and deferred in his seniority to the local garrison commander. That suggests that there were no other general officers either… So, only one general for such a large force? There is plenty of information about the audacious escape of the 1,400 or so cavalry under Grimes Davis and Voss. But were the remaining 12,000 men who fell prisoner perhaps ancillary and logistics troops, stragglers, recruits, men separated from their units? How many were front-line combatants in organised commands and, if so, what were their commands? Maybe the numbers are large but their fighting power questionable? Who can tell me what Union commands were actaully bagged… I just can’t find out!


Brett Schulte November 13, 2012 at 9:38 pm


You’re in luck. The Maps of Antietam, published by Savas Beatie, produced something like a dozen maps on the Siege of Harpers Ferry, many of them down to the regimental level. I can tell you right now that these were organized commands, but hadn’t seen much (any?) front line combat. In any event, if you purchase that book, you’ll have a complete list of the batteries and regiments which participated at Harpers Ferry from the Union side. You’ll also have one of the best Antietam books to ever come out.



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