862ep: Union Forces Arkansas Expedition 31 August 1862

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                          Union Forces 
                       Arkansas Expedition 
                         31 August 1862 

Commanding Officer: Major General J.M.Schofield

Headquarter's Escort:
          D/3rd Illinois Cavalry Regiment     
          Kane County (Illinois) Cavalry Regiment     

1st Cavalry Division: Brigadier General J.W.Davidson
     1st Brigade: Colonel W.F.Geiger (later Col. L.Merrill)
          2nd Missouri Cavalry Regiment
          7th Missouri Cavalry Regiment
          8th Missouri Cavalry Regiment
     2nd Brigade: Colonel John M. Glover
          3rd Missouri Cavalry Regiment
          1st Iowa Cavalry Regiment
          11th Illinois Cavalry Regiment
     Reserve Brigade: Colonel J.F.Ritter
          13th Illinois Cavalry Regiment
          3rd Iowa Cavalry Regiment
          32nd Iowa Cavalry Regiment
          1st Missouri Cavalry Regiment
     Artillery: Captain J.L.Hadley
          2nd Missouri Light Artillery, Battery K
          2nd Missouri Light Artillery, Battery M
          25th Ohio Battery
2nd Division: Colonel W.E.McLean
     1st Brigade: Colonel W.H.Graves
          18th Illinois Infantry Regiment
          43rd Illinois Infantry Regiment
          54th Illinois Infantry Regiment
          61st Illinois Infantry Regiment
          106th Illinois Infantry Regiment
          19th Michigan Infantry Regiment
     2nd Brigade: Colonel O.Wood
          126th Illinois Infantry Regiment
          40th Iowa Infantry Regiment
          3rd Minnesota Infantry Regiment
          22nd Ohio Infantry Regiment
          27th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment
3rd Cavalry Division: Brigadier General S.A.Rice
     1st Brigade: Colonel C.W.Kittredge
          43rd Indiana Infantry Regiment
          36th Iowa Infantry Regiment
          77th Ohio Infantry Regiment
     2nd Brigade: Colonel T.H.Benton Jr.
          29th Iowa Infantry Regiment
          33rd Iowa Infantry Regiment
          28th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment
Unattached Brigade: Colonel P. Clayton
          1st Indiana Cavalry Regiment
          5th Kansas Cavalry Regiment
Artillery: Captain M.M.Hayden
          3rd Iowa Battery
          1st Missouri Light Artillery, Battery K
          5th Ohio Battery
          11th Ohio Battery
Independent Brigade: Colonel J.M.True
          49th Illinois Infantry Regiment
          62nd Illinois Infantry Regiment
          50th Indiana Infantry Regiment
          27th Iowa Infantry Regiment
          Vaughn's (Illinois) Battery

U.S.  War Department,  The War of the Rebellion, 
A Compilation of Official Records of the Union and 
Confederate Armies,  Government Printing Office; 
Washington, D.C., 1882

Source: George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection


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