862bf: Confederate Forces Departments of South Carolina and Georgia 30 April 1862

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 	              Confederate Forces 
            Departments of South Carolina and Georgia
                          30 April 1862 

District of Georgia: Brigadier General A.R.Lawton
     1st Brigade: Brigadier General W.D.Smith
          31st Georgia Infantry Regiment
          38th Georgia Infantry Regiment
          39th (30th) Georgia Infantry Regiment
          4th Georgia Infantry Battalion
          7th Georgia Infantry Battalion
          2nd Georgia Cavalry Battalion
          Georgia Hussars, Company B
          4th Louisiana Battalion
          Chatham (Georgia) Battery
          Terrell (Georgia) Battery
     2nd Brigade: Brigadier General H.W.Mercer
          1st Georgia Volunteers
          13th Georgia Infantry Regiment
          25th Georgia Infantry Regiment
          26th Georgia Infantry Regiment
          29th Georgia Infantry Regiment
          50th Georgia Infantry Regiment
          3rd Georgia Cavalry Battalion
          8th Georgia Cavalry Battalion
          11th Georgia Cavalry Battalion
          Savannah Volunteer Guards
          Chatham Light Horse
          Effingham Hussars
          Hardwick Mounted Rifles
          Georgia Light Artillery, Company D
          Staunton Hill (Virginia) Artillery
          Major E.C.Anderson's Command

South Carolina Districts:

          1st South Carolina Infantry Regiment
          11th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
          15th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
          16th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
          17th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
          l8th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
          20th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
          22nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment
          24th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
          3rd South Carolina Battalion
          5th South Carolina Battalion
          6th South Carolina Battalion
          7th South Carolina Battalion
          9th South Carolina Battalion
          11th South Carolina Battalion
          Charleston (South Carolina) Battalion
          Coast Rangers, Col. Hatch
          Fort Johnson, Major Lamar
          Holcombe Legion, Col. Stevens
          Zouave Company, L.C.McCord
          Gunboat Rattlesnake 
          1st South Carolina Regiment
          Caroline (Virginia) Artillery Battery
          Lafayette (South Carolina) Artillery Battery
          Macbeth (South Carolina) Artillery Battery
          Marion (South Carolina) Artillery Battery (l section)
          Siege Train (South Carolina) Artillery 
          Washington's (South Carolina) Artillery Battery
          White's (South Carolina) Artillery 
          1st South Carolina Cavalry Battalion
          4th South Carolina Cavalry Battalion
          Ashley Dragoons
          Barnwell Dragoons
          German Hussars
          Jefford's Squadron
          Mulligan's Company
          Rebel Troop, Cpt. J. Jenkins
          St. Peter's Guards, Cpt. J.C.Smart
          Savanna River Guards, Cpt. Johnson
          Willington Rangers, Cpt. W.L.Disher
          Calhoun Mounted Men, Cpt. A.M.Martin

U.S.  War Department,  The War of the Rebellion, 
A Compilation of Official Records of the Union and 
Confederate Armies,  Government Printing Office; 
Washington, D.C., 1882

Source: George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection

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