862bc: Union Forces Commanded by Brigadier General J.Shields 17 March 1862

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                          Union  Forces 
                          Commanded by 
                   Brigadier General J.Shields  
                          17 March 1862 

Division: Brigadier General J. Shields
     1st Brigade: Brigadier General J. Shields
          14th Indiana Volunteers (744)
          4th Ohio Volunteers (397)
          8th Ohio Volunteers (476)
          7th Virginia Volunteers (861 - detached)
          67th Ohio Volunteers (587)
          84th Pennsylvania Volunteers (503)
     2nd Brigade: Colonel J.C.Sullivan
          5th Ohio Volunteers (821)
          62nd Ohio Volunteers (854)
          66th Ohio Volunteers (730)
          13th Indiana Volunteers (632)
          39th Illinois Volunteers (550)
     3rd Brigade: Colonel E.B.Tyler
          7th Ohio Volunteers (659)
          29th Ohio Volunteers (696)
          7th Indiana Volunteers (716)
          1st Virginia Volunteers (674)
          110th Pennsylvania Volunteers (462)
          Andrew Sharpshooters (48)

Corps Artillery: Lieutenant Colonel Daum
          4/4th U.S.Artillery (109)(6 110 pdr parrotts)
          H/1st Ohio Volunteer Artillery (124)(6- 6pdr rifled)
          L/1st Ohio Volunteer Artillery (128)(4- 6pdr smooth,
               2 - l2pdr howitzers)
          A/1st Virginia Volunteer Artillery, (119)
               (4-l0pdr parrotts & 2 6pdr brass smoothbores)
          B/1st Virginia Volunteer Artillery (128)
               (2-l0pdr parrotts)
          4th  Ohio  Volunteer Infantry 
               (1 -12pdr brass smooth bore)
Corps Cavalry: 
          1st Bn/Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment
          Ohio Cavalry (1 sqn)(2l4)
          1st Virginia Cavalry Regiment (484)

U.S.  War Department,  The War of the Rebellion, 
A Compilation of Official Records of the Union and 
Confederate Armies,  Government Printing Office; 
Washington, D.C., 1882

Source: George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection

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