862ba: Union Army of the Southwest 7 March 1862

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                   Union Army of the Southwest
                          7 March 1862 

Commanding General: Brigadier General S.R.Curtis

1st Division: Brigadier General Franz Sigel
     1st Brigade: Colonel P.J.Osterhaus
          17th Missouri Infantry Regiment
          25th Illinois Infantry Regiment
          44th Illinois Infantry Regiment
     2nd Brigade: Colonel N.Grusel
          36th Illinois Infantry Regiment
          12th Missouri Infantry Regiment
          Jenk's Illinois Cavalry Company
          Smith's Illinois Cavalry Company
          Missouri Light Artillery
          Welfley's Battery
          4th Ohio Battery

2nd Division: Brigadier General A. Asboth
     1st Brigade: Colonel F. Schaefer
          2nd Missouri Infantry Regiment
          35th Missouri Infantry Regiment
     Not Brigade:
          3rd Ohio Battery
          Missouri Horse Artillery, 1st Flying Battery
          Benton Hussars, Missouri Cavalry
          Frimont Hussars, Missouri Cavalry

3rd Division: Colonel J.C.Davis
     1st Brigade: Colonel T. Pattison
          8th Indiana Infantry Regiment
          28th Indiana Infantry Regiment
          32nd Indiana Infantry Regiment
          1st Indiana Battery
     2nd Brigade: J.White
          27th Illinois Infantry Regiment
          50th Illinois Infantry Regiment
          2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Battery A
          Det. 1st Missouri Cavalry Regiment

4th Division: Colonel E.A.Carr
     1st Brigade: G.M.Dodge
          4th Iowa Infantry Regiment
          35th Illinois Infantry Regiment
          1st Iowa Battery
     2nd Brigade: Colonel Wm. Vandever
          9th Iowa Infantry Regiment
          Phelp's Missouri Infantry Regiment
          3rd Illinois Cavalry Regiment
          3rd Iowa Battery
          Bowen's Missouri Cavalry Battalion
          3rd Iowa Cavalry Regiment
          3rd Missouri Infantry Regiment
          24th Missouri Infantry Regiment

U.S.  War Department,  The War of the Rebellion,
A Compilation of Official Records of the Union and
Confederate Armies,  Government Printing Office;
Washington, D.C., 1882

Source: George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection

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