The Trans-Mississippi Package: Books on the Civil War West of the Father of Waters

The Trans-Mississippi Package

By James Durney

Have you ever looked west of the Mississippi River in 1861 & 8162?  Yes, we have all read about Wilson’s Creek and Lyons in St. Louis.  However, that is not the full story.  If you have a vague itch to explore the Civil War in the Trans-Mississippi, read on.

There are books that can scratch that itch.  The better ones are:

If you want to relive these battles and many others, HPS offers Civil War Battles: Campaign Ozark. The AI manages to do a fair to good job with small battles; I have had many enjoyable hours trying to take Bloody Hill, keep Blunt and Heron apart or capture Hindman’s supply train.

Fire in the Cane Field: The Federal Invasion of Louisiana and Texas, January 1861 January 1863 by Donald S. Frazier is outside of the area we have been discussing.  However, this is an important new series on the war.

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  1. Frank Trost Avatar
    Frank Trost

    I also think Missouri in 1861 by Camp Pope is a great book for the area.

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