Gary Yee’s Sharpshooter Book

by Fred Ray on October 25, 2009 · 1 comment

Generalissimo Gary Yee has informed me that his long-awaited book Sharpshooters (1750-1900), The Men, Their Guns, Their Story will be out shortly. Can’t tell you much more than that since the web site isn’t up yet, but it promises to be the most complete work on the subject yet. I’ve never met Gary but we’ve been cyberfriends for several years and I’ve shamelessly mined some of his material. He emails:

It’s 7 x 10, about 400k words, 856 pages, double column, case bound smythe sewn with cloth cover and dustjacket.  Price is $50 including postage (or three silver dollars plus $5 for postage).  Only four years late.

His address is P.O. Box 27433, San Francisco, CA 94127.

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Robert D. Wallace October 23, 2012 at 11:58 am

To date I’ve only read an excerpt or two from your wonderful book my long time friend.

And, I must tell you, after reading only two of these amazing excerpts of your very detailed descriptions of Sharpshooter marksman skills during tense Civil War battles, I just had to order a copy of your book for myself.

Gary, I was told of the existence of your fine book by that other mutual ‘Gary’ (Kong) friend of ours, and then after seeing his copy of your book, my personal research plan to find out more about exactly what you’ve been up to (since I last saw you) was now set in motion.

Congrats to you Gary, on your amazing book. Please do stay in touch, and you can certainly reach me directly through the other ‘Gary’. Take care.



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