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Vote for TOCWOC for Book Blogger Appreciation Week

This is admittedly a bit of shameless self-promotion, but I’m happy to announce TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog made the Book Blogger Appreciation Week short list of best book blogs in the “Best History/Historical Fiction blog” category.  If you enjoy the book reviews here at TOCWOC and want to say thanks, click this link and vote for TOCWOC as the Best History/Historical Fiction blog (fourth category from the top).  This is also a perfect opportunity to thank all of TOCWOC’s readers, both longtime and new.  We REALLY appreciate your support and your input has helped to make this a better blog.





3 responses to “Vote for TOCWOC for Book Blogger Appreciation Week”

  1. Daniel Sauerwein Avatar

    Congrats Brett! You have my vote. I have asked my readers to also vote for you. One thing that BBAW has made me think of doing is a History Bloggers Appreciation Week type event. You and I should coordinate something like this. Let me know if you want to help organize something like that for history blogs.

  2. admin Avatar


    As I mentioned on your own blog, thank you for the vote of confidence, both literal and figurative. I think that is a GREAT idea, but I unfortunately do not have the time available currently to participate in the organization of something like that. Maybe in future years, but not for the foreseeable future, unfortunately.


  3. The Abraham Lincoln Observer Avatar

    As we say (and try to practice) here in Illinois: “Vote early — and often.”

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