Help Save Brandywine Battlefield!

I read the rather disturbing news on Friday that the American Revolution battlefield of Brandywine near Philadelphia is closing its doors until further notice.  If you love history as much as I do, please consider making a donation to keep this, the largest battle in the war for America’s independence, open for future generations.

Save Brandywine Battlefield






4 responses to “Help Save Brandywine Battlefield!”

  1. Rebecca Avatar

    I know that states have to cut funds somehow, but it’s a sad state when they have to close battlefields and other historic sites because of that.

  2. Robert Avatar


    I saw this earlier today and couldn’t believe it. Sad state of affairs is what it is. Can Civil War sites be far behind? Let’s hope not.

  3. Thor Avatar

    Just for the record, The Brandywine Battlefield Park isn’t on land that was fought over, the buildings are mostly conjecture, and the history that is/was presented in the Visitors Center has major errors. Great place for a picnic, but if you’re serious about history, you’ll realize this is an opportunity to correct long-standing State bad decisions. Land where the Pennsylvania line fought and died is still open and unmarked; one of several sites where Americans could pay tribute to an earlier generation of Americans who fought at Brandywine.

    1. admin Avatar


      Thank you for that information. Having never been to Brandywine Battlefield Park, I was unaware of this. Frankly, I was surprised that Brandywine Creek isn’t a *National* Battlefield Park. I suspect the fact that Washington lost badly may have something to do with that.


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