The History Guys Explore Grave Subjects: A History of Death and Mourning

I received a very interesting email from Lydia at Back Story Radio.  Lydia writes:


I thought that you and your readers would be interested in our Memorial Day episode of the public radio show “BackStory with the American History Guys.” Civil War historian Ed Ayers talks with historian (and Harvard President) Drew Gilpin Faust about how the Civil War changed America’s attitude towards death. There’s also a tour of a Confederate memorial in a southern cemetery and calls
from listeners. You can hear the show here:


I’ve chosen to save the announcement for this show until just prior to the observance of Memorial Day 2009. As you read this, I’ll more than likely be getting ready to listen to the show. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Drew Gilpin Faust and her book on death and the American Civil War. Go check it out!


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