In the Review Queue: Brandy Station 1863: First step toward Gettysburg

by Brett Schulte on April 4, 2009 · 1 comment

The “In the Review Queue” series provides TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog readers with a brief look at books Brett Schulte is planning to review here on the blog.  These will be very similar to Drew Wagenhoffer’s “Booknotes” series at Civil War Books and Authors.

Brandy Station 1863 is the first of what I hope will be many Osprey Civil War books to be reviewed here on TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog.  I own quite a few of these volumes already.  A quick glance through the book proved that this volume is similar to others in the Campaign series.  The book has quite a few colorful maps, an order of battle with strengths down to the brigade level, and provides a 96 page summary of the battle of Brandy Station, the largest cavalry battle ever fought in North America and a precursor to the Gettysburg Campaign.  These books are excellent for those who have never studied a particular battle before.

Check out some more information on the book at Osprey’s web site:

Campaign 201 Author: Dan Beattie Illustrator: Adam Hook About this book
The road to Gettysburg began at Brandy Station on 9 June 1863. Early on that morning, General Pleasanton launched his men across the Rappahannock at Beverley’s Ford to the north of Brandy Station and Kelly’s Ford to the south. General JEB Stuart was caught unaware by these maneuvers and his lines and headquarters were nearly overrun until reinforcements helped to stabilize the situation. Following 12 hours of bitter fighting the Union forces withdrew back across the river in what was the largest and most hotly contested clash of sabres in the war. This book describes the battle with a step-by-step analysis, illustrated with detailed maps, birds-eye-views and full colour battlescene artwork. Contents

  • The eve of battle
  • Chronology
  • Opposing plans
  • Opposing commanders
  • Opposing forces
  • The Battle of Brandy Station
  • Roads to Gettysburg
  • The battlefield today • Further reading
  • Index

Paperback; October 2008; 96 pages; ISBN: 9781846033049

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