New(ish) American Civil War Blog: American Civil War Essays & Research

Robert Moore at Cenantua’s Blog recently pointed out a new Civil War blog entitled American Civil War Essays & Research, which is run by Greg Rowe.  In his very first post, Greg writes about his struggle to understand the Civil War and explore what types of biases he may have about the war as a native Southerner.  I’d like to welcome Greg to the Civil War blogosphere and I apologize for not finding it sooner.  I’ve added a link to American Civil War Essays & Research in TOCWOC’s Civil War blogroll.  Go check Greg’s blog out!


2 responses to “New(ish) American Civil War Blog: American Civil War Essays & Research”

  1. Greg Rowe Avatar

    Thanks for the add. I’m really beginning to have a lot of fun with this now that I have this thing up and going.

  2. admin Avatar


    You are welcome! I’ve learned a LOT more than I’ve taught in my time as a Civil War blogger. It’s a fun gig. I hope you come to enjoy it as much as I do.


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