Phil Myers on British-American Relations

Staying with the theme of recent book reviews for another day, let’s take a look at the comments section from my recent review of Phil Myers’ new book Caution and Cooperation: The American Civil War in British-American Relations.  Fellow TOCWOC blogger Fred Ray and long-time TOCWOC reader Stephen Graham had a discussion about the merits of Myers’ findings in the book in the comments section.  I wanted to point Fred, Stephen, and all TOCWOC readers to the last comment, from author Phil Myers:

Thanks to Brett for taking time to review my book. I enjoyed the review and the subsequent comments about the book. I’d be happy to engage in further discussion about some of the point Brett and the responders brought up. I’m working on the sequel that will continue the argument through the end of the century. It is tentatively entitled: “Collapsing Tension: The Resolution of British-American-Canadian Disputes After the Civil War.” It will be another three years though with more archival trips coming up. Thanks again to all.

If you’ve read Caution and Cooperation, here’s your chance to interact with the book’s author.  Feel free to ask Phil anything you want about the book, either in the comments below or in the comments section of the book review.

Note: British Scholar also recently nominated Caution and Cooperation as its Book of the Month for August-September 2008.

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