The Civil War Network Debuts Today

The Civil War Network has released its first program for your listening pleasure.  Go check it out!  Francis Rose, the blog’s founder, was kind enough to send along the following information:

The Civil War Network debuts today

Premiere show includes James McPherson, others

Washington, DC – With a lineup that includes Pulitzer Prize winning Civil War author James McPherson, The Civil War Network makes its debut today on the network’s web site,

The Civil War Network is the brainchild of 24-year professional broadcaster and life-long Civil War aficionado Francis Rose.  “The mission of The Civil War Network is to inform, educate, and entertain people interested in the Civil War.  This audio program is the first effort by The Civil War Network to do that,” Rose says.  “In the future, we’ll also use video, the written word, and other forms of media to present informative, entertaining Civil War topics.”

Rose is excited to use The Civil War Network to tell stories and introduce his listeners to new people.  “The guests—the people—are the stars,” Rose says.  “I don’t claim to be an expert on the Civil War; in fact, I’m anything but.  But I do like to ask questions and listen to experts talk about the things they’re experts about.  The lineup of the first program on The Civil War Network is an example.  You don’t find much greater experts than James McPherson.”

McPherson, in addition to his many honors as an author, is one of the most in-demand Civil War battlefield guides in the field, and he discusses his tours on the debut program.  The first program’s lineup also includes interviews with Huntington, WV Museum of Art curator Jenine Culligan, whose museum is hosting three Civil War exhibits simultaneously; Harry Smeltzer, who is digitizing the first battle of Bull Run on his “Bull Runnings” web site; Dr. Carroll Van West of Middle Tennessee State University, author of a new driving tour in the Volunteer State; and Civil War author and collectible-book authority Paul Taylor.

“This program will bring the Civil War community into the 21st-century Web 2.0 world,” said Civil War Network host Francis Rose.  “Civil War fans have taken to the blogosphere to exchange ideas and information, and they’re using social networking to keep up with each other and organize activities.  This is the next logical progression.  It’s an opportunity to hear voices that many people in the Civil War community have never heard, or could never hear before.”

Listeners can download the program from The Civil War Network web site to their computers and listen any time, or stream the program live directly from the web.  All programs posted on The Civil War Network’s web site are available free of charge, and will be archived so that new listeners can go back and easily find past programs.



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