Revised TOCWOC Posting Schedule for August

I generally try to stay away from personal posts on TOCWOC, but today it is unavoidable.  As many of you are reading this, I will be closing on a new home for my girlfriend and me.  I already have some posts finished scheduled for the next several weeks, but I plan to do some work painting, recarpeting, and building a new bedroom in the basement.  This is going to affect my output probably through the entire month of August.  The end result is that you’ll probably see two major posts from me per week, mostly book reviews, with perhaps some filler.  The good news is that Fred Ray, Matthew Young, James Durney, and Louis Bohorfoush are all going to be actively blogging during this time.  Be sure to continue to check out the interesting content they provide as well as my own posts when I manage to sneak them in.

If you were thinking of taking the Civil War blogging plunge, now would be as good of a time as any.  Feel free to join us as a TOCWOC blogger.

Also, if you want to be in the running to win a free copy of Brent Nosowrthy’s new book Roll Call to Destiny, check out the contest details and sign up now!

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