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Polemos American Civil War Miniatures Rules Now Available

The Polemos American Civil War 6mm miniatures ruleset, featuring two booklets, is now available according to The Miniatures Page. A partial excerpt of the news article is as follows:

Although Baccus works exclusively in the wonderful 6mm scale, the basing scheme and mechanics will allow you to use larger and smaller figures.

As with all of the Polemos series, you can buy period army and booster packs specifically tailored for the organisation required by the rules. For those wanting to start in the period, you can start with our boxed set – which includes two complete armies (over 900 figures), full-colour flagsheets, bases, rules, scenic pieces, and a full-colour painting guide.

If you want to know more about Polemos ACW, visit the Polemos section on the Baccus site, where you’ll find sample army lists, a worked combat example, scenarios, photographs of games in progress, designers notes, and a complete campaign system.

Polemos ACW rules are £15.00 GBP plus P&P. Both rules include army generators and a scenario. The boxed set is £86.00 GBP, and starter 6mm ACW armies are £28.50 GBP.


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  1. George DeBolt Avatar
    George DeBolt

    Dear Sir I would like to know if the are any tutorials available on how to play Polemos American Civil War.

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