Wargamer.com Reviews John Tiller’s Battleground: Civil War

by Brett Schulte on May 23, 2008 · 0 comments

Wargamer.com has a review up of John Tiller’s Battleground: Civil War, a repackaging of the five old Talonsoft games Battleground: Gettysburg, Battleground: Antietam, Battleground: Shiloh, Battleground: Bull Run, and Battleground: Chickamauga.

Here is the first portion of the review. I’m a little scared about the credentials of the reviewer if he believes John S. Mosby was a Union general…

John Tiller’s Battleground: Civil War

“It is well that war is so terrible—we should grow too fond of it” ―Confederate General Robert E. Lee

Many grognards, especially those who enjoy Civil War simulations, will already be quite familiar with John Tiller’s Civil War titles. Originally released in the late 1990s for a 16-bit system, the Battleground series of Civil War games became huge hits and included nine major campaigns. Because this latest release constitutes a compilation of five of Tiller’s most famous Civil War releases, many readers will likely know everything I will end up covering. For those grognards, my recommendation would be to get this game if you do not have the individual titles already. From what I’ve experienced with this game thus far, it’s simply amazing. The level of detail demands that Civil War buffs to drop what their doing and get this title, even if they already own three or four of these titles. With that being said, newcomers to John Tiller and/or his Civil War series should continue while the rest of the Civil War community is out purchasing this title. Hopefully that will ease the load on Matrix Game’s website…

“That old man…had my division massacred at Gettysburg!” ―Confederate General George Pickett to Union General John Mosby regarding Robert E. Lee’s order to charge at Gettysburg…

John Tiller began making games in 1995, and over the past 12 years has created over 50 commercial wargames. Talonsoft, HPS Simulations, and Matrix Games dominate the list of Tiller’s publishers. His games range from the American Revolution to modern operations, including naval, land, and air campaigns. Truly, Tiller’s resume is wide-ranging and boasts a very robust mind behind the magic of his games. In fact, there’s whole convention devoted to Tiller’s games! (see Jim Cobb’s coverage of TillerCon)

…”Well, it made you famous” ―Mosby’s reply to Pickett

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