Did your ancestors serve in the ACW?

Over the past few years, a few folks in my extended family have been researching the family’s history, which can be traced to the 17th century in Europe (England and Germany). Of interest to me was the number of Civil War ancestors. I knew that my great-great-grandfather, William Sisson, fought in the 60th Ohio at the Wilderness and Spotsylvania, and the Chambers boys of the 7th WV were at Antietam and Gettysburg. The research revealed two more great-great-grandfathers who fought for the Union in the ACW.

My passion for studying the Civil War stems from my grandmother (her uncles were the forementioned Chambers boys). She taught me to respect our heritage and our history, a fact reinforced by my Dad, a WWII veteran.

Did you have ancestors in the war? Did stories of their exploits get handed down through your family? How did they influence your love for history?





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