“The Mad Wargamer Checks In”

I am Scott L. Mingus, Sr., a patented scientist, published Civil War author, blogger, and miniature wargamer currently living not far from the Gettysburg battlefield. Brett asked me to participate occasionally in this TOCWOC forum. Years ago, folks on a popular Civil War messageboard nicknamed me “the Mad Wargamer,” mixing my activities as a mad scientist with my hobby of wargaming.

I maintain a pair of blogs, one for wargaming the Civil War and one covering local Civil War history with anecodotes and stories specifically related to York County, Pennsylvania, which played an important role in the Gettysburg Campaign.

My Civil War historical books are available from Colecraft Books (titles include Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign and Human Interest Stories from Antietam) and soon from fellow blogger Eric Wittenberg’s Ironclad Publishing (Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition, June 1863, available later this year). Copies may also be obtained from amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or Borders stores using their in-store catalogues. Volume 2 of the Gettysburg human interest book should be in print for Christmas gift giving.

I am the author of several well-received scenario books on wargaming the Civil War, including the two-volume Enduring Valor:Gettysburg in Miniature and the popularly acclaimed Undying Courage: The Antietam Campaign in Miniature, as well as Touched With Fire and Crossed Sabers: Gettysburg in Miniature. My latest manuscript, Brothers Divided, covers small unit actions in the Gettysburg Campaign for skirmish-level wargaming rules such as Brother Against Brother. It will be published in 2008 by Chicago-based Marek/Janci Design.

My wife Debi and I are the editors and publishers of Charge!, an international newsletter for Civil War miniature wargamers produced by the Johnny Reb Gaming Society. I have also written historical articles for several other magazines, including The Gettysburg Magazine, America’s Civil War, The Herald, The Zouave, and several others.


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