Civil War Talk Radio: December 15, 2006

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Air Date: 121506
Subject: Nathan Bedford Forrest
Books: The Confederacy’s Greatest Cavalryman: Nathan Bedford Forrest & Gone With the Glory: The History of the Civil War in Cinema
Guest: Brian Steel Wills

Summary: Cavalry genius? War criminal? Both? The war produced no character more controversial than the man Grant called “that devil, Forrest.” Dr. Brian Steel Wills, author of The Confederacy’s Greatest Cavalryman: Nathan Bedford Forrest offers his views.

Brett’s Summary: Brian S. Wills is the foremost biographer of Nathan Bedford Forrest.  Gerry and Brian spent the better part of the first two segments discussing Forrest’s life.

In the first segment, Gerry made the comment that Forrest and Abraham Lincoln had very similar upbringings.  The main point Wills made time and again was that Forrest was a violent man who when challenged would typically respond with violence or the threat of violence.

The second segment goes over Forrest’s military campaigns.  Wills believes Forrest rarely got there “first with the most”, but typically got there “in time with enough”.  Forrest’s men typically fought dismounted once on the field of battle, making them essentially dragoons.  A good portion of this part of the show discussed Fort Pillow.  Wills agreed that when you see more killed than wounded, something is wrong.  However, he believes if Forrest had wanted to massacre the Fort Pillow garrison, he was the type of man who would have left very few or no prisoners at the end.

The third segment was spent talking about some of Wills’ other books, including Gone With the Glory: The History of the Civil War in Cinema.  Professor Wills spent some time briefly at the end of the show discussing his favorite and not so favorite Civil War movies.

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